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 Store Experience - Visit a bloom store for a hearing testWe understand that taking the first step towards improving your hearing may be exciting for some and a little daunting for others. You may be excited to explore the technology available to you to open up the world of sound, or you may be uncertain of what to expect and might even be feeling a little nervous or apprehensive.


Store Experience - Visit a bloom store for a hearing test

Walking through our door is the first step to better hearing. Take a seat and we’ll get you started. You can rest assured that we will be with you on every step of your journey towards better hearing and we encourage you to bring a friend or family member along to your appointment.


At bloom™, you will experience a friendly and welcoming atmosphere and find valuable information about hearing improvement and solutions.


Free Test

In order to find out more about your hearing, we will give you a free hearing test.


- Your hearing test will be completely painless, simple and non-invasive! It will take approximately 10 minutes and is the first step to determining whether you may have a hearing loss


- Your Hearing Specialist will begin by looking inside both of your ears with an otoscope to check their condition and identify any initial concernsStore Experience - Visit a bloom store for a hearing test


- You will listen to a series of tones and sounds at varying pitches and volumes that will be played to each ear to test the level of your hearing


- Following your test, your hearing specialist will discuss your results with you and will answer any questions that you may have

Free Fit

If your test results indicate that you may benefit from hearing devices, your hearing specialist can suggest appropriate models to trial.


This fitting will take approximately 15 minutes and involves your hearing specialist using advanced computer software to adjust the settings on the selected hearing device(s) to meet your personal requirements.Store Experience - Visit a bloom store for a hearing test


During the fitting process, your hearing specialist will ensure that the devices are fitted comfortably to your ears and that the sound is comfortable for you.


You can then try the hearing aids to get your first impression and give feedback. The results gathered through the discussions, the questionnaire, the hearing test and your experience at the first fit will provide you and your hearing specialist with valuable information to decide what technology will be your best solution!

Free Trial

You can then experience a free trial on the spot so you can hear what a difference bloom™ hearing solutions can make.


The hearing specialist will show you how the devices function in different acoustic environments and show you how modern hearing aids are wireless connected with several sources, like telephone, mobiles and TV!


You will be given the chance to see exactly how it improves your hearing, as well as how it feels in the ear and to discover what a relief it is to experience a new world of sound!


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Terms & Conditions: Free test, free fit, free trial offer is limited to one per person and is valid for in-store trials only. Offer is valid on selected Widex® hearing aids and assistive listening devices only and is subject to availability. Offer is not valid to those under 26 years of age and conditions apply to clients under the Commonwealth Hearing Services voucher system.

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