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Why bloom™ is different to other dispensers

We at bloom™ always aim to support our customers with the best professional services available. That is the reason we are strongly in favour of a multi disciplinary approach, where all specialists contribute to one optimum solution for the patient.


We are committed to establishing local cooperation with ENT doctors, General Practitioners and Speech- and Hearing Therapists. In order to do so, we keep close contact with the professionals around local to clinics, informing them and reporting to them about our intervention with their patient. Involving them whenever we expect that the professional advice from the other discipline may be beneficial for our customer. This not only improves the quality of our work, it also results in a more efficient treatment.


A healthy relationship between doctor and audiologist makes that both parties feel unrestrained in seeking contact with each other to discuss and learn. This approach has even resulted in bloom having several of their locations connected electronically and / or physically with medical clinics – a way of cooperating that is highly appreciated by our medical partners and our customers. It reduces the patient movement between locations, lowers thresholds for customers and professionals and optimises communication between everyone involved.



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