• You’re already closer than you think to reconnecting with your life!

    The fact that you’re here means you’ve done the hard part already. Coming to terms with the fact that you’re experiencing a loss of hearing can be difficult, but that doesn’t mean that finding the right solution should be. 

    At bloom, we hear from people just like you every day, and it’s through listening to them speak about their daily life and interests, as well as the challenges they face, that we can help bring them closer to the lifestyle they used to enjoy.

    Our method is surprisingly simple: we help you understand your hearing loss and the solutions that are available through involving you in the solution from the very beginning. From assessing your hearing and explaining the different technologies on offer, right through to fitting, purchasing and follow-up counselling – we will make sure you understand what’s going on at every stage. That way you’re always in control.

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    If you’re ready to take the next step on the path to better hearing, why not call us on Freecall 1800 777 659 to make an appointment or book online?

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Hearing aid types

The latest technology, designed to be discreet. Learn what today's hearing technology has to offer.

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