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Couple with hearing loss enjoying their dinner

Why there's no need to let hearing loss affect date night

Published 18-07-2019
Last Updated 18-07-2019

The dating scene is challenging for anyone. So, it’s understandable to see why adding hearing loss into the equation can make it a bit more complicated. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. We have outlined some helpful tips to keep in mind before your next big night out to feel more confident.

Be honest

Naturally, it’s your choice and yours alone when to share with someone that you have a form of hearing loss. If you don’t feel it's necessary, then wait until the time is right. In our opinion, honesty up front is always best. Hearing aids are no different than eyeglasses, a watch, or anything else you might wear every day, so there’s no need to hide it.

Pick the right place

If you already use hearing aids, then look at the features that your devices have. Many hearing aids have location-based filters or other adjustable settings to best suit a specific sound environment. Steer clear of overly loud venues if you can. When going to a restaurant, ask the host to give you a table away from the kitchen or speakers to ensure a quieter setting and more intimate conversation.

Make eye contact

Listening means more than just hearing. Make sure to maintain good eye contact when speaking. It will help you feel more connected and will encourage your date to do the same. If you’re engaged in the conversation, you won’t miss a beat.

Repetition isn't forbidden

Yes, we know our goal is to keep you from having to say, "What?" But, if the person you’re speaking to said something and you were unable to hear it, just tell them. This goes back to honesty being key: don’t try to guess what your date said. Kindly ask them to repeat themselves or suggest moving somewhere quieter; it’s better to be certain than to risk a misunderstanding.

Be yourself

You wouldn’t judge a date for wearing contact lenses or glasses. Chances are, your date won’t judge you for wearing hearing aids. Sometimes you’ll find that it can be an interesting point of conversation and they’ll probably respect your decision to choose a life full of sound over a muffled, tuned down version.