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Thom Green drumer for Alt-j and hearing aid wearer

Thom Green: Drummer for Alt-j and hearing aid wearer

Published 18-07-2019
Last Updated 18-07-2019

Thom Green, drummer for the band Alt-J, has a moderate hearing loss and tells about how hearing aids have positively affected both his personal life and his musical career.
Behind every musical performance exists a hidden reality filled with lengthy set practice sessions, hours of setting up equipment, sleeplessness, and of course a lot of loud sounds. When it comes to a live performance, hearing properly is essential to a successful show.

Thom Sonny Green, better known as the drummer for the English indie rock band Alt-J, is a hearing aid wearer. He traded in his old behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids for a product from Danish-based company, Widex.

“It’s almost like the hearing aids know exactly what I need,” the musician says. While transitioning from his old device to the new, the drummer was invited to do a late-night television interview with English actor and comedian James Corden. After the interview, Green confessed that the hearing aids helped him engage with Corden.

"If I had been wearing my old hearing aids I would have struggled to hear anything."

"There was a lot of echo from his voice when he sat next to me: I could hear him talking and then the delay from the PA system. It was pretty hard work but I heard everything I needed too - in both ears too, not just the side he was sitting on."

Aside from helping him out with hearing interviews, the listening devices also help the drummer build his confidence. Green admitted he does get shy around situations like these, so the hearing aids make a significant difference.

“I’ve never had better hearing than I do now.” he says. “It’s definitely worth investing in something like this as it has a bigger effect on your life than you realize.” Alt-J recently released its third album “Relaxer." Thom Green also debuted his first solo album “High Anxiety” last August.