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Dad with hearing aids reconnecting with son in sunset

Hearing aids: reconnect with your world

Published 18-07-2019
Last Updated 18-07-2019

It’s very easy for someone that has trouble hearing to feel isolated. Some people are nervous or embarrassed by their hearing loss – and even fewer make the decision to do something about it. The time has come to toss pride to the side and reclaim your hearing, and more importantly, your life.
In the same way that people need glasses to see, people need hearing aids to hear. It’s as simple as that.

We admire people that take their hearing back. Every time someone visits an audiologist, takes a hearing test, or gets fitted for a hearing aid, they are actively deciding to no longer be a bystander. They remember the feeling of being able to listen effortlessly and wanting it back.

"When you buy a hearing aid today you aren’t just buying something that makes you hear, you are buying a device that helps you connect to both the virtual world and the real world.” - Dr. Oliver Townend, Audiology Specialist

More and more hearing aids today have Bluetooth capability to connect directly to your smartphone or personal device. So, you can both improve your natural listening ability and you can enjoy modern day virtual conveniences like streaming music, taking a phone call or watching TV -- directly via your hearing aid. The higher the quality of the hearing aid, the more adaptive it becomes to your daily life. You can even adjust your frequency settings based on your sound environment and the hearing aid will remember your frequently visited locations and automatically adjust.

Adaptive Hearing Aids

Hearing aids today can enhance your hearing in a number of different situations. Some offer the ability to filter out the sound of wind noise, others can filter frequencies to distinguish human speech and reduce background noise during conversations.

Humans will continue along this ride through the digital age learning and developing new insights and technologies at an astounding pace. The world of wearables and hybrid hearing devices will only continue to grow right along with it. Hearing aids have already made leaps and bounds since the days of people holding trumpet horns to their ear.

There is a rich and vibrant world of sound all around us every day. Just because you can’t quite hear it quite the same as you used to doesn’t mean you can’t make the choice to take your hearing back.