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Hearing protection tips for kids on the beach in summer

Hearing protection tips for the summer

Published 15-07-2019
Last Updated 18-07-2019

Summer is a time to be outdoors and enjoy the weather, go for a swim, maybe take a vacation. With the season comes its own unique set of sounds and settings to be aware of whether you're a hearing device wearer or not.
Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common types of hearing loss and is fairly preventable in some cases. We've broken down a few easy ways to keep your hearing in mind during these months.

Swimming and water sports

Some hearing aids are designed to be water resistant, though not to be mistaken for entirely waterproof. Make sure you ask your hearing consultant what your device's resistance level to water and dust is. More likely than not, you should be able to take them on a nice pool day without a hitch – just be sure to take them off if you're going for a dip. Bring your hearing aid case with you to keep them dry and safe.


Summer is concert season. More musical artists go on tours and play music festivals during this time than any other time of the year. Having hearing loss doesn't have to infringe on your love for live music. Many hearing aids today have specific filters made to enhance the sounds of your setting, whether the venue is outdoors in a field or in a small, intimate jazz club. If you have significant hearing loss there are also musicians that employ American Sign Language performers to sign the entire show for those that appreciate the added touch.

If you've recently been to a loud show, read How to Soothe Hearing Loss After a Concert.

Lawn equipment

Everyone likes the sight of a crisp green lawn. Most of us can probably think of that one person that tends to their lawn with a relentless vigilance. But remember, lawnmowers emit a noise that's well above the decibel limit associated with hearing loss after prolonged exposure. Be wary of being near dangerous decibels for extended amounts of time. Wear ear protection while mowing the lawn or blowing the leaves.


Whether it's on on the pick-up basketball courts, sunbathing at the park or playing some beach volleyball, you're probably going to be adding some more sunshine into your days during these next few months. Luckily, most hearing aids are designed to handle the heat, sweat, and daily moisture of summertime with no issue at all.