Best sounding made-for-iPhone hearing aids on the market

You will be able to control your hearing aids with the Widex BEYOND app in the most discrete way. Why not choose to live your life without limits with BEYOND!

Go above and BEYOND!

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Do you want to settle for a life with bad hearing?

You might as well try out the new Beyond hearing aids from Widex - every test will tell you that they are one of a kind

You are in a noisy room and cannot hear what people are talking about

It is hard to believe but it is a fact that Widex BEYOND automatically adapt your hearing aids to the listening situation you are in, making sure that the sound you get is optimized to the environment you are entering. When you walk into a noisy room the hearing aids adjust instinctivelly and focus on the persons you are talking to, fading out the background noise.

Is it hard to hear people talking in the back when you drive?
You will be able to direct your hearing aid to hear from the back making it possible to have a conversation with your friends in the back seat.

You used to love listening to music - but your hearing loss it is just not the same any more!
Do you feel that because your hearing is deterioating it makes it hard to listen to music because the sound isn't as clean as it used to be? Use the music program on the BEYOND app and music will be streamed to your hearing aids with the cleanest sound you have ever experienced in any hearing aids before. Anything less just isn't worth it when it comes to enjoying music.

I cannot hear when people are talking quietly!
Beyond has the widest range of sounds and allows you to hear the most subtle sounds compared to any other hearing aid. The hearing aid knows which sounds to amplify and which sounds to reduce by using a purification algorithm.

I pretend to hear what people say in meetings
You don't need to do that any more. With the right fitting the BEYOND will make sure you can participate in the discussion around the meeting table as it gives you the most accurate sound reproduction with the True Input Technology.

Test results shows that even in very difficult listening conditions like a noisy room or on a windy beach, BEYOND is almost compatible with normal hearing
When trying to follow a conversation in a noisy place, people have reported an increase in satisfaction of 25% with Widex BEYOND hearing amplification

Beyond App ensures easy discrete control of your hearing aids

The Widex BEYOND app allows you to design your own hearing as well as being able to stream sound from your iPhone directly into your hearing aids without wires.

On top of that it is intuitive and easy to use without attracting attention to your hearing loss - you decide who you want to discuss your hearing loss with.

Fed up with having to change your batteries for your hearing aids constantly?

More battery power for longer
Widex BEYOND hearing aids consume less power than other similar hearing aids - you can use your hearing aids and stream sound to them for much longer without having to change your battery.

Wouldn't it be nice to be connected all the time to your devices
Widex BEYOND keeps you connected to your iPhone. But it doesn't stop there. You can connect to telecoils, your home phone, televisions and many other devices using the Widex DEX  accessories range for your hearing aids.

All sound is transferred directly into your hearing aids.

Would you ever cope with a foggy lense for your glasses?

I don't think so

Coping with bad sound or limited sound is the same. It is exhausing for your ears and mind!

Advanced sound quality
The Widex BEYOND sound is way ahead of our competitors. It gives you an incredibly advanced overall sound quality.

Yoursound is always optimized based on your environment. When you enter a restaurant or cafe your hearing aid will switch to a program optimizing your hearing to that specific situation.

Noise reduction and wind manager add's to your hearing comfort
Atthe end of your day when you sit down and put your feet up, poor and painful sounds which have affected you throughout your day - and leave you exhausted in the evening - simply fade away. 

The special hearing aid BEYOND will eliminate sounds and noises of constant nuisance, with features like Soft Level Noise Reduction removing the constant buzzing monotone sounds. The Smart Wind Manager willremove the hissing whistling wind from your hearing aids, enabling you to take a stroll in all conditions and relax at the same time.

Why try a FREE test of Widex BEYOND hearing aids?

Listening to clear and pure sound is of huge importance to all people. Often you do not realize it until you experience the real deal. Clean and pure sound makes a big difference to how you can relax.

How will Widex BEYOND make a difference to how you live your life?

    The crystal clear, true-to-life Widex sound is the most comfortable available.

    Users rate the streaming sound significantly better than our competitors'.

    The most connected hearing aids available with TRI-LINK™ technology boasting seamless connectivity.

    The new Widex BEYOND app is smart and intuitive ensuring easy navigation.
  • Your bloom hearing specialist will guarantee a bespoke hearing solution for your individual need.

Try a FREE test of Widex BEYOND hearing aids in your home environment with no strings attached.

Your lifestyle BEYOND

Widex hearing aids specialise in delivering natural sound - adaptable to a range of circumstances.

bloom™ assess your existing hearing and then programme your BEYOND hearing aids to match your individual needs.

BEYOND sound levels and pitch, this includes lifestyle, e.g.

  • BEYOND the workplace
  • Wireless connection indoors and out
  • Improved digital sound of music
  • Clearer hearing - safer driving
  • For the quietly active

We find the right balance for you - with you.

BEYOND App for iPhone

The easy-to-use app - is just a download away!

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