Best sounding made-for-Iphone hearing aids on the market

Control your hearing aids with the Widex BEYOND app in the most discrete way. Choose to live your life without limits

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Perfect listening conditions are created automatically with BEYOND hearing aids

Customised to your individual hearing loss
Widex BEYOND automatically adapts your hearing aids to the listening situation you are in, making sure that the sound you get is optimised to the environment you are entering.
You can also customise your own hearing experience with the BEYOND app for iphone.
Noise reduction and wind manager
Eliminate sounds and noises of constant nuisance, with features like Soft Level Noise Reduction removing the constant buzzing monotone sounds. The Smart Wind Manager will remove the hissing whistling wind from your hearing aids, enabling you to take a stroll in all conditions and relax at the same time.
When trying to follow a conversation in a noisy place, people have reported an increase in satisfaction of 25% with the BEYOND
 hearing amplification

Try BEYOND Z with rechargeable batteries

Pop your hearing aids into the charger at night, just like you do with your mobile phone or tablet and they will be ready for you the next morning.

How long does a charge last?
Approx. 19-24+ hours depending on how many hours you stream music, film sound etc. but there is more than enough power for a full day being out and about. Widex BEYOND Z has the lowest power consumption of any rechargeable hearing aids.

Already have BEYOND hearing aids?
You can have them retrofitted to make them rechargeable by simply changing the battery door. 

It is always possible to test the hearing aids in your own comfortable home environment before you commit to anything. Come in for at chat to see and learn more about and we can advise you what the best solution is for you!

The Beyond App ensures easy discrete control of your hearing aids

The Widex BEYOND app allows you to design your own hearing as well as being able to stream sound from your iPhone directly into your hearing aids.

On top of that it is intuitive and easy to use without attracting attention to your hearing loss - you decide who you want to discuss your hearing loss with.

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Customise your BEYOND

Widex hearing aids specialise in delivering natural sound - adaptable to a range of circumstances.

bloom™ hearing specialists assess your existing hearing and then programme your BEYOND hearing aids to match your individual needs. This might include:

  • BEYOND in the workplace
  • Wireless connection indoors and out
  • Improved digital sound of music
  • Clearer hearing - safer driving
  • For the quietly active

We find the right balance for you, with you.

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