Sometimes You Just Need Some Spring Cleaning

Your hearing solution could be easier than you think. The simple removal of excess earwax could make the world of difference.


Earwax can be the reason why you can't hear - with or without hearing aids

What is earwax?

Earwax is simply your ear's natural self-cleaning method, but, occasionally, it can build to unnecessary or excessive levels - which can cause discomfort and hearing deficiencies. 

How is it treated?

A simple checkup can determine if earwax is causing hearing loss. If it is, we then use a safe, quick and easy earwax removal procedure called microsuction.

This is the most advanced method of earwax extraction, and replaces previous more difficult processes such as ear syringing or scraping. 

Blocked ears

Your ears could be blocked from earwax causing a gradual hearing loss.

How to get rid of really hard excess earwax
Gentle application of olive oil into the ear could be the solution. Be patient as it may take time for the earwax to soften.

Really hard wax
If you have really hard impacted wax you can either consult a private hearing aid audiologist.

There is no charge and the hearing specialist will be able to help with at free hearing test if hearing loss is still an issue after removing the wax.
*Earwax removal services are available at selected clinics only

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Hearing loss is gradual and can sneak up on you. Taking a regular hearing health check can help you get the most out of life.
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