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IQbuds – your new best buddies

Introducing IQbuds from Nuheara

Now you can have the control to hear what you want to hear, both in the digital world and in the world around you.

IQbuds allow you to connect wirelessly with your digital devices, and simple tap-touch technology gives you hands-free calling.

They also allow you to also personalise your hearing experience within different environments whilst being comfortable to wear so they are excellent to wear while you’re exercising.

IQbuds allow you to be in control of your hearing, boosting the sounds you want to focus on and controlling other sounds the background.

Join the Nuheara IQbuds revolution at the below bloomTM clinics today:

Malvern, East Bentleigh, Croydon (VIC)

Canberra (ACT)

Burleigh Heads, Toombul (QLD)

Sydney (NSW)

Gosford (NSW)

Bacchus Marsh (VIC)

Yarrawonga (VIC)

Rosebud (VIC)

Midlands (WA)

Balcatta (WA)

Do you want to experience better hearing in bars and restaurants?

“It would be awesome to have these on.  It would make it a lot easier.

I wouldn’t have to shout across the room and shout to people, I could actually enjoy my meal and enjoy the café- especially the ones that have loud music.

It just means that I can focus on what you’re saying.”

Do you want to be able to hear your important conversations more clearly?

“Oh wow!

I can just hear your voice more than anything else and it’s really clear, and I can hardly hear anything else in the background.

I think it would be very handy - a 9 or a 10 I'd say, just for how well it works and useful it would be in everyday life."

Do you want to control background noise and focus on what is important you?

“It’s weird, I can almost pick out the direction that you’re talking at me from.

That sounds like it’s on a different plain.  It’s pretty interesting actually because that (loud buzzing noise from a tradesman’s power saw) is almost like background noise.

I can hear you clearly and everything else is in the background - it's not fading away but it's not on the same level."

We’re on the road again!

Our Airstream is back on the road and visiting a location near you soon.

On board we have the latest technology to provide you with a FREE 5 minute hearing check.  It’s quick, simple and you get a personal hearing report.

Plus, keep an eye (or an ear……) out for us for the chance to trial, test and purchase the exciting new IQbud technology on board our Airstream.

At our bloomTM clinics we take the time to understand your needs - we test, we listen, we talk. And our Airstream mobile hearing vehicle is no different. 

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Together, we will find the perfect hearing solution for your lifestyle.

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