Trade up to UNIQUE™ today!

Receive up to $500 Cash Back if you Trade Up to UNIQUE™

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Trade Up to UNIQUE™ and receive up to $500 Cash Back

You could be eligible to receive up to $500 Cash Back when you Trade Up to UNIQUE™ at your nearest bloom hearing specialists clinic.

The new UNIQUE™ range sets a new standard in clarity and purity of words and sounds in any surrounding - whether you are in front of the TV, walking along the beach or in the company of friends or family at a restaurant. Our UNIQUE™ hearing aids capture more sound than any other hearing aid in any situation you find yourself in every day.

UNIQUE™ hearing aids have a more clear delivery of both high and low sounds.

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This offer is only applicable for UNIQUE™ 220, 330 and 440 hearing aids.
With UNIQUE™, you can even hear people from a distance!
Hear a level of sounds which were never possible in the past

Hear high-frequency sounds

With UNIQUE™, high-pitched sounds like birdsong or speech are automatically moved down to regions where you can hear them clearly.

Enjoy TV, music or listening to your mobile
UNIQUE™ can be easily combined with our DEX wireless accessory devices, so you can enjoy watching echo-free television, listening to music or using your mobile phone - all completely wireless.

You can also easily connect to FM streaming and to a land line telephone with crystal-clear sound streaming directly to your hearing aids.

You will also be able to get relief from tinnitus with the relaxing tone program. 

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