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7 Signs that Someone You Know Has Hearing Loss

Published 07-09-2016
Last Updated 25-10-2022

Does your husband often miss what you are saying? Does your wife insist on turning the TV up too loud? Does a friend always ask you to repeat yourself? It could be a sign of a hearing loss.
Hearing loss develops slowly for many people. But what starts as a simple nuisance can quickly add up to something that can affect a person’s family, work, and social life.

Hearing Loss Facts

How could hearing aids help your loved one?

According to an NCOA study, adults saw improvements in a number of areas after getting hearing aids: mental health (36%), sense of independence (34%), social life (34%), and even sex life (8%).

You are a key player in helping your loved ones overcome hearing loss. But how can you tell if they are having trouble hearing?

The Signs of Hearing Loss

Unlike a broken leg or a bruised elbow, hearing loss can be difficult to recognize, especially since it often develops gradually.

Look for these 7 signs with your loved one:
    1. Difficulty understanding people, especially in crowded places like bars or restaurants
    2. The need to have instructions repeated
    3. A high volume level on the TV or stereo
    4. Difficulty hearing telephone conversations
    5. Difficulty when people are speaking in another room
    6. Difficulty following group conversations
    7. Withdrawal from social situations

What to Do

If you notice any of these signs, encourage your loved one to visit a hearing professional, who can run a full hearing evaluation. To find a bloom™ hearing specialist click here.