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Can hearing aids fix tinnitus?

Published 13/12/2022
Last Updated 22/02/2024

Hearing aids don't just amplify sound, they can also significantly help with managing your tinnitus. Here's how.

Although there is no scientifically-proven cure, there are multiple effective ways to treat tinnitus so its impact on your life is reduced. 

What is tinnitus?

Tinnitus is often experienced as “ringing in the ears” but there can also be hissing, whistling, buzzing or humming in the ears. Some even describe it as cicada-like clicking. It could be present in one or both ears.

Often, it’s caused by hearing loss or injury to parts of the ear (through excessively loud noise or trauma)  and affects almost a quarter of adults 65 and over*. Tinnitus becomes more common as we age and 80-90% of those with tinnitus have underlying hearing loss**.

Other contributing factors to tinnitus are stress, some medications, joint problems, ear or sinus infections or buildup of wax.

How do I treat tinnitus?

  • Meditation can be a very useful tool in managing your tinnitus. We recommend our free app: Widex ZEN Tinnitus Management for iOS & Android devices
  • Improving your overall health through healthy eating habits and exercise can help with tinnitus management**** 
  • Counselling
  • Sound Therapy - a hearing aid can help mask the noise and amplify natural environmental sounds
  • To avoid your tinnitus from getting worse be aware that exposure to loud noises, certain medications and smoking can all contribute to tinnitus getting worse over time*****.

Do hearing aids help tinnitus?

In short - yes! Studies have shown significant improvement in tinnitus severity (volume and pitch) for users of hearing aids***

Everyone’s experience of tinnitus is unique so it’s essential for a hearing professional to assess your hearing and make the necessary adjustment to your chosen hearing device. 

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