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Do I need to upgrade my hearing aids?

Published 23-05-2022
Last Updated 30-05-2022

The first time your hearing aids were turned on was probably overwhelming. Getting used to all that sound after not realising what you’d been missing. Your hearing is always changing, and so is the technology that is used in hearing aids. 

The bloom™  hearing team speaks to thousands of customers and what we’ve found time and time again, is how many people regret not getting their hearing aids sooner. Undiagnosed & untreated hearing loss only gets worse over time so if you’ve not had a hearing test in a few years, it may be time to review. If you’ve had your hearing aids for a more than a few years, you may want to check out the advances in technology that help you hear even more clearly even in challenging environments.

How long do hearing aids work for?

On average, hearing aids last about 3-7 years – depending on your model. Why? The mini-computers deteriorate over time from use, damage & even environmental debris. If you take good care of your hearing aids then you can even extend their lifespan.

Technology is always evolving and getting smarter & easier to use. If you’ve had your hearing aids for more than 4 years, it may be worthwhile to experience the new technology now on the market to see if there’s a better fit for your unique hearing.

What can affect a hearing aid’s lifespan?

  • Quality of the hearing aid when it was built
  • Regular maintenance – if it’s being cleaned or exposed to environmental debris
  • You – your body creates an environment high in moisture, heat & wax – a mini sauna in your ear.


If you’ve had a change in a job or lifestyle, it may be a good idea to review how your hearing aid performs. Retirement often leads to new adventures, settings & activities that require a hearing aid that will adapt to new kinds of noise, whether it’s horse riding, swimming or a dance class.

Your clinician can help match a hearing aid to your lifestyle so you can make an educated choice that best fits with your hearing needs.


Why upgrade your hearing aids?

As with most electronics – a phone, TV or vacuum cleaner – you get what you pay for. A little extra spend can result in a product of vastly superior quality that will last longer and provide a much better user experience.

How your hearing aid fits your lifestyle & budget is important to consider, as are the changes to your hearing over time. Modern hearing aids are able to wirelessly connect to your phone, TV or other devices; adapt to your surroundings and personal preferences; and remain virtually invisible.


What are modern hearing aids like?

Try out our free Sound Experience to hear the difference between a variety of hearing aids, supported by our skilled audiologists at a clinic near you.