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Fine Tune Your Hearing

Published 02/04/2018
Last Updated 22/10/2020

Five reasons to visit your audiologist.
It’s very common for people to visit their dentists or optometrists for regular check-ups to avoid or manage any problems with their teeth or sight.

However it’s not unusual for people to go through their whole life without a visit to an audiologist.

Most of us don’t schedule any hearing check-ups with an audiologist, instead, we wait for a problem to develop before we visit.

A better approach is to be proactive in preventing issues from developing rather than being reactive when the problem is at its worse.

bloom™ audiologist Marli Wolfaardt outlines five reasons a trip to the audiologist might be of great benefit to you.

The sooner the better
The sooner a hearing loss can be identified, the better it can be managed. A visit to your audiologist and early identification of hearing loss can have many benefits. Hearing aids can improve your quality of life. You will also receive advice about how to adjust to your new hearing aids. Your family and loved ones can be involved in the process too.

For a check-up
We all try to maintain overall good health management like visiting the dentist or optometrist regularly. Checking your hearing is part of this process and should be done if you are in your mid or late 50s as part of your overall healthcare focus.

More than just hearing problems
Audiologists are trained medical professionals who deal with a number of other ear related health issues. Most commonly tinnitus, a ringing, swooshing, buzzing, hissing or clicking sound in the ears when there is no external sound. Audiologists can also assist you if you suffer from balance issues or dizziness.  

Hearing loss can be hard to notice
Hearing loss often develops gradually over time without any major cause. Things you might notice and that should prompt you into visiting your audiologist are:

  • If you find yourself consistently asking for people to speak up or repeat themselves
  • If you find it hard to hear conversations in noisy places
  • If you have a history of exposure to loud noises
  • If you have difficulty hearing woman or children with high-pitched voices
  • If you have difficulty hearing over the phone

Identify other health issues
Audiologists can help with a huge range of important health issues, and you will find the peace of mind they can offer to be extremely comforting.

So now you know the reasons you should visit an audiologist, all that’s left to do is actually make an appointment – you’ll be incredibly glad you did.