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five good friends partnership with bloom hearing specialists

bloom™ hearing specialists partners with Five Good Friends

Published 09/10/2022
Last Updated 13/10/2022

Partnering with Five Good Friends to help support hearing health in communities


We're very excited to announce that we've partnered with the wonderful Five Good Friends!

Founded in 2016, Five Good Friends empowers people of all ages and backgrounds to live vibrant lives in their own home. By providing a proactive health, wellbeing and care approach as a registered home care and NDIS provider, they are transforming living well by helping people stay connected and engaged with the home and community they love.


Hearing health is an incredibly important part of connecting with others, so we hope to make it even easier to keep on top of it by providing free hearing screenings to residents of retirement communities across Australia.


As we age, untreated hearing changes may be connected to instances of dementia and other mental health conditions.  According to research, those with symptoms of hearing loss may be 2-5 times more likely to develop dementia compared to those without hearing loss*.



"At Five Good Friends our ambition is to ensure people remain connected to friends, community and the life they love for as long as they desire. By partnering with bloom hearing specialists, together we can empower more people to have a plan to grow older well. A plan that involves looking after such a critical piece of our wellbeing, our hearing."

- Simon Lockyer, Five Good Friends CEO and Co-founder


"Our purpose is to bring Wonderful Sound to all and with the help of Five Good Friends we are now able to support even more Australians taking care of their hearing health. Just like you take regular eye tests, it's important to check your hearing. Especially when we look at brain health, research shows that early detection of any hearing issues is extremely important."

- Joel Elliott, bloom hearing specialists Managing Director.


Partnering with Five Good Friends enables our hearing experts educate and support those in retirement homes that may not find it easy to visit one of our 200+ clinics in person.


From 2016, Five Good Friends have been helping Australians live vibrant lives in their own homes - regardless of their age or situation. Five Good Friends are registered home care and NDIS providers that are transforming what living well means - empowering connection and engagement in communities.


Further information on Five Good Friends can be found at their website.


*dementia.org.au 2020