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"Wearing hearing aids has changed my life" - Gerry

Published 06/06/2023
Last Updated 08/06/2023

For Survivor finalist Gerry Geltch and many others hearing aids can truly be a life changing choice, read on about his experience.

Gerry Geltch is the oldest contestant to ever play on Australian Survivor, making it to the final of Australian Survivor Season 8: Heroes Vs Villains.

Amongst his many admirable accomplishments, including his career as a tourism pilot, Gerry is also a valued customer at bloom hearing specialists. We admire his active attention to his hearing health concerns, and we were fortunate to learn about his hearing health journey and his experience with us.

“I held off getting hearing aids because I was in denial” he says, which is a common experience for many of our customers, and Gerry was no different. Taking that first step and identifying hearing loss can be difficult but once Gerry decided to seek professional help, it was a memorable moment. 

“I got my hearing aids and started to experience the difference and the benefits that come out of it. I thought why didn’t I do this earlier", Gerry admits.

"I should’ve done it 10 years prior”


Hearing aids can truly be a life changing choice and many people don’t realise the sounds they have been missing out on. For Gerry, it was the sound of paper crumble. “All these sounds came to light, I just couldn’t believe it”. And all it takes is a step towards leading a better life. “It has changed my life, wearing hearing aids, and for the better”, Gerry reveals.

Our large range of hearing aids offer many features to ensure our customers receive optimal benefits. As a Latin dancer, Gerry was struggling to pick up the beat in his classes. However, with the Music mode feature he is now able to switch it on and easily pick up the beat. “Walk in to dance practice, bang, you picked up the beat and away you go”, he remarks.

Gerry also raised an important issue, speaking on how his hearing aids have helped resolve a safety concern he had. Cycling in the early hours of the morning, “I wear my hearing aids then so I can pick up traffic coming behind me. With them in, you can hear anything from
50 metres behind you coming up”, Gerry says. A vital change for Gerry as he now realizes, “you really notice a difference if you forget to put them in”.

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His words about his experience with bloom hearing specialists have stayed very close to us and reminded us about our passion for being all ears for our customers. “They really look after you. The way they run you through the whole process is fantastic. You feel really comfortable. You feel really at home”, Gerry says.

We thank Gerry for sharing his hearing journey and experience, and for selecting bloom hearing specialists as his preferred hearing provider.