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How to Stay Fit at Home During the Coronavirus

Published 03-04-2020
Last Updated 22-10-2020

We're giving you 5 great home exercise ideas on how to stay fit and active in the comfort of your own home, during the coronavirus.

How to Stay Fit at Home During the Coronavirus

On top of our fun home activity suggestions to do if you’re staying home due to the coronavirus, it’s also very important to remember to keep your physical activity levels up. Regular exercise can keep you feeling fit, while also helping you to improve your balance and strength, as well as boosting your mood and energy levels.

By aiming to do daily exercise, you’ll be getting your blood pumping and promoting circulation all around your body, keeping both your ears and brain healthy. For specific hearing exercises, make sure you speak to the team at bloom™ hearing specialists to see what’s best for you.

5 exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home

Once you’ve identified a safe and open space in your home, we’ve put together some easy home exercises for you to practice. Make sure that you feel comfortable and confident while doing these exercises, don’t push yourself beyond your limits – practice makes perfect!

Back Leg Raises

Holding onto the back of a chair, slowly lift your right leg straight back, as though you’re preparing yourself to kick a ball. Keep your left knee straight and relaxed, while maintaining your balance. Hold that position for up to a second before gently bringing your leg back down.

Repeat this motion about 10 to 15 times, before repeating the same motion on your left leg.

Side Leg Raises

Once again, using the back of a chair to help you keep your balance, stand within your feet about shoulder width apart. Keeping your back straight and your left foot facing forward, slowly lift your right leg to the side then lower it back down.
Repeat this motion about 10 to 15 times, before repeating the same motion on your left leg.

Toe Lifts

Using a chair or a counter, whichever is easier, stand straight and rest your hands on the support. Raise yourself up on your toes, like when you go on your tiptoes to reach the high shelf at the supermarket, then lower yourself back down.
Repeat the toe lifts for about a minute, or for as long as you feel capable of.

Wall Pushups

Find a sturdy, blank wall in your home and stand an arm’s length in front of it. Leaning forward slightly by bending your hips, hold your arms out straight and place your palms flat on the wall. Maintaining your balance on your feet, slowly bring your body towards the wall by bending at your elbows. Gently push yourself back off the wall by straightening your arms.

Repeat this exercise 20 times, or as many times as you can confidently complete.

Marching in Place

Put on your favourite upbeat song and march in place. If you need to hold on to something, you can perform this exercise in front of your kitchen bench or your dining table. Standing straight, simply lift your right knee as high as you can then lower it and lift your left leg.

March in place as many times as you can or aim for a minute when you first start off.