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bloom hearing specialists interview Alf Lakin, an 80-year-old triathlete

Interview with Alf Lakin, an 80 Year Old Triathlete Superstar

Published 01/01/0001
Last Updated 22/10/2020

Hailing from the sunny shores of Gold Coast, Alf is a formidable triathlete who has proven that age is no barrier when it comes to pursuing your passion.

Trust us when we say he’s not ready to spend his days sitting in front of the TV with a cuppa – in fact, Alf’s just completed his first eight-hour triathlon at the 2020 Tweed Coast Enduro Half Ironman, as their ambassador.

While it may have come to an end at the 55km mark in the bike leg, after a whopping 1.8km swim, due to cramping in his legs, he was more than happy with where he finished. An incredible feat for anyone at any age, let alone for Alf who will be celebrating his 80th birthday later this year!

An interview with Alf Lakin, an inspiration to many

bloom hearing specialists interview Alf Lakin, an 80-year-old triathlete

 We had the amazing opportunity of interviewing Alf recently to learn more about his sensational story and what motivates him to keep chasing down his sporting goals.

bloom™ hearing specialists: Hi Alf, how are you feeling today?

Alf Lakin: Amazing. I’ve just come back from an injury after breaking my shoulder.

How old are you?

I'm 80 years old.

What’s your personal motto in life?

It’s never too late to start something. When you’re dead, it’s too late.

Why do you do triathlons?

I go out to try and beat myself. And when I finish, I’ll always put my hands up to confirm I’m done!

Who inspired you?

Julie Hall, who was an instructor at the gym.

Did you do this in the earlier days?

I did a couple of 24-hour runs and I’ve been a master athlete for 40 years.

I’ve also completed a number of professional races, including Coonabarabran, Lavington and different runs held in NSW and Victoria.

What got you into marathon running?

A lady at my gym was doing a tri class and he said I should join, so I did. And I haven’t looked back since.

How do you usually train for these types of events?

About a month or five weeks out, I’ll Increase my training. When it’s two to three weeks away, I’ll double the intensity.

Do you have an exercise routine that you regularly do to help maintain your fitness?

Running, cycling and swimming.

What are your favourite things to do to stay healthy and in shape?

  • I’ve had a day-to-day fitness regime over the last 5 years, until I started doing triathlons
  • Morning run, bike ride or swim – not fast, just reassuringly, for around 1 hour or 45 minutes
  • On some days, I might have a longer run or combine two exercises
  • I pace myself – I’m not 40 or 50 anymore, still need to “smell the roses”
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol
  • If my wife goes out, I’ll go out too

Do you follow a diet?

I don’t follow a specific diet but I eat healthy and sometimes I’ll have junk food. I’m an avid Coca Cola drinker but I don’t have alcohol.

Do you have any injuries?

I fell off a bike and broke my shoulder. The bone sticks up now but I don’t need to have surgery. Physio wasn’t good for me but the doctor just told me to do a few exercises to help with the healing.

I got back outside on the bike and kept going, which helped me recover quicker.

bloom hearing specialists interview Alf Lakin, an 80-year-old triathlete

How long have you been wearing hearing aids for?

I’ve worn hearing aids for about two years.

When did you notice your hearing changing and what did you do about it?

Everything on TV was become distorted but when I started wearing the hearing aids, it was completely different – for the better!

Have you noticed a big change in your life since wearing hearing aids?

Yeah, it’s been a lot easier to hear. The team at Ashmore bloom™ hearing specialists are great, I’ve been going there for years!

Finally, what tips do you have for our customers who are looking to stay healthy and fit?

  • First thing to do is to put on a pair of shoes and walk out the front door. Exercise daily at whatever level you can if you can, swim or run.
  • Test your fitness. If you want to start jogging, pace yourself by alternating walk-jog-walk. If you want to start swimming, get down to the pool and start slowly, while increasing over time.
  • Don’t push yourself too hard or too quickly. It’s a slow process, there’s no shortcut to fitness.
  • Start riding a bike. Hop on and do 10-15km, gradually working your way up to 65-70km.
  • During the week, jog for 15-20km if you can, do it for a few weeks to start. It’s easy to build up your endurance.
  • Eat healthy.
  • Don’t drink too much alcohol.