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My new hearing aids - first 24 hours

My New Hearing Aids: The First 24 hours

Published 05-02-2017
Last Updated 22-10-2020

First day with hearing aids - from the car to the gym, breaking it down by activity.
You walk out of your audiologist’s office and out into the world. A world of high definition sound.

What are those first 24-hours like?

From the crunch of gravel underfoot to the click of a key in a lock, let’s run through the key moments in time.


Whether you head off in a car or on public transport, this may be the first moment you realise that a new world awaits. The ticking over of the engine as you turn on the ignition, the sound of other cars on the road, the click of your indicator. Is it raining? Maybe you can hear it hitting the car roof. From tyres turning to cars braking, there’s an infinite number of sounds to tune into now that you are able.


Back to a very familiar environment, but so much has changed. Can you better hear the key as you open the door – perhaps the hinge squeaks a little? From your footsteps on the carpet to the patter of pets as they greet you, familiar surrounds feel new again through the world of sound. This is a great time to grab a seat in a quiet room, have a cup of tea and make some notes of what you hear.


If this is the first time you’re eating while wearing a hearing aid, don’t be surprised if the sound of chewing and swallowing seems rather loud. It’s a sound that’s dulled for you over time and may seem strange to hear so amplified again. Also, the occlusion effect caused by having something in your ear canal may be contributing to it. Don’t worry, you will get used to it overtime or chat to your audiologist at your follow up appointment if it continues to bother you.


While technically you could wear hearing aids to bed, bedtime is a good time to take them off and give your ears a chance to breathe. Leave the battery compartment door open so your hearing aids can breathe and dry out too. It’s been a big first day with lots of new sounds for your brain to decipher, so allow yourself some peace and quiet for sleep. Before you take them out, if you feel like reading before bed, it’s good to get into the habit of reading aloud so you get used to the sound of your voice while wearing hearing aids.


Do you start the day with a morning workout? If you’re one of the lucky ones with the motivation to do so, it’s great to get into the habit of wearing your hearing aids while you exercise. For practical reasons, being able to hear properly in an environment like a gym is important for your safety. Sweat bands or headbands can be a handy way to keep your hearing aids in place for vigorous exercise, and don’t forget to dry them out properly afterwards.

Morning shower

Hearing aids don’t belong in the shower. While they do have water-resistant capabilities, it’s best to leave them off due to the risk of moisture seeping in. Also, ensure they’re not left out in the open while in a steamy bathroom to avoid moisture damage.

Getting ready

If you use a hairdryer to dry your hair and especially if you use hairspray and perfume, leave your hearing aids out until you’ve finished getting ready. This will keep them free from debris and additional build up caused by hair products. If you have more length in your hair, this first morning might be a time to experiment with how you want to style your hair around your hearing aids, keeping them covered or wearing them exposed.

Start the day

And there you have it, you’re almost 24-hours into your hearing aid journey. With the full day looming ahead, ensure you only keep your hearing aids in for a few hours over the first week of wearing them as you move through the adjustment period. Go forth and enjoy the chirping of birds, rustling of leaves and beauty that is sound.