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bloom hearing wins quality service award from reader's digest

It's a fact that better hearing leads to a better life

Published 16/11/2022
Last Updated 17/11/2022

Today, Reader’s Digest has released the names of those Australian businesses whose outstanding customer service has excelled during a year of unprecedented recovery and rebuilding. We are proud to have received Silver in the Hearing Health category.
At bloom™ hearing specialists, we believe that better hearing is a journey rather than a destination and with every consultation and every technological advancement comes a new opportunity for our customers and experience life more fully. 

“This notion of constant improvement is the core of bloom™ hearing’s offering and, we believe, is the best way to better hearing,” says James Benston, Managing Director ANZ.

“We know that by steadily improving our customers’ hearing, we steadily improve their lives, too.” 

By seeing customers on a regular basis and providing them information through its omni-channel communication approach, our certified clinicians educate and support our customers on their hearing journey. 

The clinicians are committed to ongoing professional development to keep abreast of new industry information and better support customers. A team of internal performance coaches and product experts works closely with team members to ensure they stay up to date with product knowledge and customer experience tools. This ensures every bloom™ hearing client is provided with a welcoming, informed, and supportive experience, both in stores and over the phone. 

To keep staff morale high, we celebrate by sharing with staff all the great customer testimonials we receive. We also have a ‘Hearo’ Award where staff nominate peers who go the extra mile towards its purpose of bringing wonderful sound to all. 

Reader’s Digest commissioned independent market research company Catalyst Consultancy & Research to survey Australian’s opinions of a range of service providers. 

A total of 2500 Australians of a mixed demographic were asked to rate their experience of service provided by businesses / organisations. 

Running since 2015, the survey identifies the most satisfied customers across 38 different categories, from optometrists to pet insurance and internet service providers to cruise operators. The prestigious Quality Service Award recognises companies that truly understand consumers’ needs.