Invisible Hearing Aids

Today's hearing aids are so small and discreet you can hardly tell someone is wearing them.


Learn just how discrete modern-day hearing aids can be:

What is hearing loss?

No one wants to suffer from hearing loss—but there are several misconceptions about it.

Firstly, it can happen at anytime in one’s life and is not simply something you get when you’re ‘getting old.’

Secondly is the functionality of the ear itself. It is actually the brain that converts sounds into discernible meaning, while the ear itself is simply the funnel to receive those sounds.

Hearing loss is caused by the breakdown of this funnel, and it can be corrected with a hearing aid—which ‘turns up the volume’ for the human ear.
Who are you? 

If you find yourself suffering from hearing loss, you could literally be anyone. You could be any age and from any walk of life. Hearing problems do not discriminate.

While the prevalence of hearing loss is unfortunate, what isn’t are all the options at your disposal to get your hearing working to its full capacity.

There is a huge range of the best hearing aids available to you.
Who are we?

We are bloom hearing, and we care about your hearing as much as you do. We know how disheartening it can be to struggle with hearing loss.

You want to hear your niece laugh, or your husband crack a joke, or the lines from your favourite movie. 

We specialise in every aspect of correcting your hearing and getting you back to living your life at full capacity.

We offer free hearing tests, thorough examinations and diagnosis—and then we can provide the latest in corrective hearing technology.
Music to your ears

The idea of having a hearing aid may fill you with dread, but you can rest assured that at bloom we have only the most sophisticated of options. 

Gone are the days of the ugly, cumbersome and obvious hearing aid. We like to refer to ours as the invisible hearing aids.  

Modern hearing aids are designed with the user in mind. They are now completely digital, and best of all, they are so small that you don’t need to feel self-conscious wearing one.

With so many hearing aid brands to choose from, we are sure to have the unique and perfect option for you. 

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