More automatic features and a little more noise reduction.

This level of technology is the entry level with basic settings and microphones which automatically switch to partially reduce the loudest noise source around you background sounds behind you.

There is little automatisation or focus on speech understanding. It is suitable for those that lead very quiet, sedentary lifestyles that are not concerned about hearing speech clearly in different environments. This level of device comes in styles that can meet the volume requirements of any hearing loss, and clarity requirements for one-on-one, quiet situations in a basic but modern hearing aid.

This is our most affordable level of technology which has the ability to push the speech forward when you are in slightly more challenging listening situations, perfect for comfortable everyday listening.

Most Suitable For: Individuals seeking basic hearing devices to help them be more aware of the sounds around them, their daily life and work have low requirements regarding speech.

Available Styles

  • Rechargeable
  • Receiver in the Ear
  • Behind the Ear

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