Latest features for the most automatic & intelligent hearing aids

Hearing aids that are fitted with premium technology will help you hear even in the most dynamic listening environments, those with a busy social or work life when accurate communication is paramount.

Featuring the best sound quality and best speech clarity science can offer, this level of technology provides the most precise match to your listening needs so that you can hear effortlessly. Spatial speech focus and binaural coordination mean that hearing aids with premium technology can handle any listening environment.

Whether you come across a range of listening situations requiring different demands from your devices, or you simply want a hearing aid that just works without fuss. Wind Noise manager works for outdoors, high frequency boost for music appreciation and specialised automatic programs help when speech matters most in noisy restaurants, events, functions and parties.

Most Suitable For: Individuals with a preference for innovation, those with dynamic jobs, a range of hobbies, and music fans.

Available Styles

  • Rechargeable
  • Receiver in the Ear
  • Slim receiver in Ear
  • Behind the Ear
  • Ear bud style
  • Completely in the Ear


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