Recycling Your Hearing Aids

Here are 3 Sustainable RRReasons we want to share to help you make an informed decision and help us help the planet!
1. Renew
Technology evolves every day and unfortunately, over time, your hearing impairment levels may change too.

A great reason to upgrade and renew your hearing experience with new hearing aids is to pay it forward by donating your old device.

Your hearing device has served you well and renewed your hearing experience in the past, but its lifecycle doesn't need to stop! We've partnered with amazing charities to renew the life of your old device while you renew your hearing with an upgraded hearing aid. 
2. Reuse
Let's give your old hearing aids a second life!

Share the life-changing experience that they brought you, with someone else in need.

Your local bloom™ hearing clinic will clean your old hearing aids and donate them to a hearing aid bank on your behalf. Your hearing aids will be paired with someone in need.
3. Recycle
If your old hearing aids are not in good working order, we will recycle the usable parts as part of our "take-back" initiative. Leave your old hearing aids with us to recycle removable parts or dispose of components safely - keeping the environment safe together.

Our goal? Sustainable hearing aids for all.

Chat with a bloom™ hearing specialist today to find out more