Unleash the power of conversation.


What does it take to Be Brilliant™

At Signia, our passion lies in creating life-enhancing technologies. For us, living life to the fullest means making a real impact.

With the introduction of Integrated Xperience, we achieve just that-empowering you to contribute, be heard, and thrive in even the toughest real-life conversation. 

Your voice matters, and we´re here to make sure it´s heard!

95% of wearers showed improved performance in a group conversation scenario.*

Natural, effortless conversations

With RealTime Conversation Enhancement technology, you will never miss a beat, hear multiple conversation partners clearly, no matter how lively the conversation gets.

Boost communication in real-time

Increased social interaction has a positive impact on mental well-being** and OVP 2.0 not only ensures your own voice sounds just right, it helps you engage in conversations.

One study showed that 78%*** of people said they chatted more when wearing a hearing aid with OVP turned on.

Pure Charge&Go IX

Our ground-breaking Integrated Xperience architecture in a small and sleek RIC device.

  • Natural, effortless conversations
  • Instant comfort and clarity
  • Powered for all-day conversation
  • Tailored to your hearing experience
  • Futureproof connectivity
  • Optional T-Coil

Silk Charge&Go IX

Silk Charge&Go IX is so tiny and snug that many people will not even notice you are wearing it. Powered by advanced hearing aid technology that helps you hear in noisy environments; Silk is designed to fit your lifestyle. It is small, comfortable, and easy to recharge. You can control it with a simple app on your phone.

  • Immediate comfort and enhancement
  • Ultra discreet
  • Power to last
  • Advanced technology ensures crisp, clear focus in noise
  • Control on your terms

All this and it can be charged on the go with a sleek, pocket-sized case with integrated power bank that provides up to four additional charges and can be charged wirelessly (Qi) for added convenience.

Why you will love Signia IX:

AI powered personal sound

The revolutionary Signia Assistant in the Signia app lets you optimise the sound for you personally in real-life situations.

The hearing professional in your pocket

The Signia app lets you contact your hearing care professional via your smartphone whenever you need remote support.

Download the Signia app now:

Get extra support on the spot

Signia TeleCare enables you to keep in touch with your hearing care professional, so you get support when you need it. 

So you can Be Brilliant in any situation.

*Compared to RealTime Conversation Enhancement off 1 Jensen et al. (2023). Power the conversation with Signia Integrated Xperience and RealTime Conversation Enhancement.

** Friedler B, Crapser J, McCullough L. One is the deadliest number: the detrimental effects of social isolation on cerebrovascular diseases and cognition. Acta Neuropathol. 2015;129(4):493-509. doi:10.1007/s00401-014-1377-9

***Own Voice Processing Has People Talking More (