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Meet Manuel Cortez


Manuel Cortez is a true creative all-rounder: Actor, photographer, style expert, film director. He became famous as the presenter of the German TV show „Schrankalarm“ and as an author of style guides. In his celebrity life, he is constantly on the go. What matters to him are the finer things in life: fashion, design and good food.

Since 2012, Manuel has suffered from hearing loss caused by a wakeboarding accident. At first, the idea of wearing a hearing aid was out of the question for him. In his eyes, they were ugly medical devices for the elderly.

Until he discovered the Styletto Connect hearwear from Signia, that is. The stylish design inspired him as much as the innovative functionality. Since then, he wears the high-tech gadget with conviction and at every opportunity.

Meet Styletto Connect


"The way I dress, which accessories I wear — for me, it expresses an attitude.

With Styletto Connect, I‘ve finally found a hearing aid that matches my idea of style. The sleek design, the trendy colours, the cool metal look — it‘s something to be seen. And the technology also makes my life easier: the lithium-ion battery has the power to last through the day with me. With the small, compact charger I can charge my Styletto Connect comfortably, even when I‘m on the go. No annoying battery changes.

What I like best though is that it‘s got Bluetooth. No matter where my job takes me, I‘m completely independent and always connected.

Whether I‘m on set, travelling, getting around the urban jungle or simply relaxing: My Styletto Connect just fits my busy life perfectly."

Top bluetooth connectivity for staying in touch with ease

Always on the go

"Of course, in my job, I‘m always on the go: a photo shoot in Berlin, a video production in Hamburg or a promotion in Munich. It‘s good that Styletto Connect is equipped with Bluetooth. That way I can always be reached by phone and can stay in touch with all the people that matter to me — whether it‘s making an appointment with my agent or simply chatting with friends.

Super cool: With my StreamLine Mic, I can even make hands-free calls. That‘s incredibly practical, while driving, for example!“

On and on it goes

With charging-on-the-go for complete flexibility

“I can get the power I need for a long day at work while I’m jogging in the morning. And, at the same time, I can stream my personal playlist directly from my phone into my ears — that motivates me even more! Working nine to five doesn’t exist in my business. Often, after a day spent filming, I’ll still have evening events. It’s then that I’m really glad that I can rely on my Styletto Connect. The lithium-ion battery delivers a full day’s wearing* with 5 hours of streaming. Just charge it in the charger overnight and you’re ready to go.

And the best thing is, I can take the small, stylish charger anywhere, it even fits in my pocket. So I can charge my Styletto Connect up to three times without a cable when I’m on the road — it’s really great. ”

* Based on 16 hours wearing per day

Real life experiences with Styletto Connect

The most natural-sounding own voice

"Whether I‘m taking pictures, presenting or acting, in my job I always need my voice. And, of course, it has to sound good, too. With my old devices, it often sounded muffled and unnatural. It was really difficult because, as a result, it was hard to control. Styletto Connect means that my voice now sounds completely natural to me. That doesn‘t just make my job much more pleasant but my private life, too!“

Clear speech comprehension in noisy situations

"If New York is the city that never sleeps, then Berlin is the city that‘s always celebrating. No matter when or where, there‘s always something going on here. And I‘m in the middle of it — thanks to Styletto Connect. Whether I‘m at a party event, listening to a concert, or just meeting friends in a bar, I can easily follow every conversation — no matter how loud it is around me. 

And when I want to change a setting for a moment I just use the myControl App on my mobile. It‘s easy and just looks as if I‘m writing a WhatsApp message.“

Direct streaming for listening pleasure

"My lifestyle isn‘t always at full throttle. Sometimes you have to slow down. I love to enjoy a cozy evening and watch the latest series with friends. Previously, I always had to turn the TV up loud, but thanks to StreamLine TV I now get the whole sound straight in my ears. I can also enjoy my favourite music with Styletto Connect. Eyes closed and chill out.”

Use the apps to enhance the experience

Care tailored to fit you

The myHearing App is your hearing care professional in your pocket. You can receive instant help and advice including live remote tuning to find the optimal settings for your hearing aids while you’re in real-world situations.

Convenience at your fingertips 

Discreet and convenient, the myControl App puts complete control of your new Signia hearing aids at your fingertips. Available for iOS and Android phones, the app offers advanced remote control options so you can change settings and personalize your hearing aids according to your individual preferences.

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Meet Manuel Cortez

Manuel Cortez is a true creative all-rounder: Actor, photographer, style expert, film director.
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Signia Styletto Connect

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