Signia Xperience Pure Charge&Go X - Mini rechargeable hearing aids

The first hearing aid that has your back your front and any other angle around you.


Let us show you how they compare to your current hearing aids

World's first mini rechargeable hearing aids using acoustic-motion sensors

Existing hearing aids are limited to either focus on what is directly in front of you or focused on your general surroundings. This can leave you missing out on important sounds.

Signia Xperience is the first hearing aid that doesn’t make that compromise. Here you can hear sounds and speech from any direction, in any situation at the same time.

As the world's first, it takes your motion into account to easily follow conversations even while active. For the first time, you can hear what is in front of you and your surroundings at the same time. With the use of acoustic-motion sensor technology we take your movement into account. This enables you to understand speech from any direction and in any situation even when moving.

From now on you can easily follow conversations even while active. And like with your mobile phone you just charge your hearing aids overnight and you are ready to go in the morning.

Mini rechargeable hearing aids that adapt to your every situation

  • Enjoy conversations from every direction, even in noise.
  • Benefit from effortless hearing, adapted to your movement.
  • Stream your favourite music, TV and phone calls via Bluetooth.
  • Be active all day and utilize long-lasting rechargeable batteries.
With Pure Charge&Go X, you can move freely and still hear what's important in superb clarity. More than 90% of wearers report a natural sound experience while moving.
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Easily recharged and fully connected

You can charge up the longer-lasting Pure Charge&Go X mini rechargeable hearing aids fully while you sleep so that they are always ready to go when you are. Thanks to the hearing aids’ clever little charger, you never have to worry about changing batteries again.

It delivers a full day’s ultra-durable hearing performance. A full charge takes 3-4 hours.

On top, the fast charging option gives you a quick burst of power to keep you going just when you need it the most. Only 30 minutes charging allows you an up to 6 hours additional usage

Pure Charge&Go X's handy features

    Small hearing aids with Bluetooth:
  • Stream your phone calls, music and TV sound straight to your ears.
    The new Signia app: Enjoy your hearing aids to the full with just one app for everything you need:
  • All controls adjust to your personal preferences- Audio streaming, remote control and remote support
  • Discreetly control the volume and other settings while streaming audio directly into your ears
  • Stay in touch with your Hearing Care Professional and get remote support when you need it

Available Colours

The mini rechargeable hearing aids,Pure Charge&Go X, comes in 10 different colours:
  • Beige
  • black
  • Dark champagne
  • Deep brown
  • Granite
  • Grey
  • Hero
  • Pearl white
  • Rose
  • Sandy brown

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Pure Charge&Go X redefines what modern hearing aids can do:

  • Understand speech in every situation
  • Hear your environment in greater detail than ever
  • Enjoy crystal clear sound tailored to your activities
  • Be independent with fully rechargeable and ultra-reliable hearing aids
  • Stream music, phone calls and much more via Bluetooth

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