Award winning design - Signia Xperience Styletto X

It’s more than just a hearing aid.
It’s your complete hearing experience.

Our iconic new Styletto X combines beautiful design and rechargeability with better speech understanding - hear what matters to you.

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Rechargeable and highly sophisticated hearwear

Graceful design combined with a complete hearing experience
Experience a new era of wearability

The new Styletto X combines award-winning design and rechargeability with crystal clear sound, so you don’t have to compromise on your style or daily activities just because of hearing loss.

Forget the outdated image of hearing aids! Styletto X’s highly sophisticated hearwear™ is pure in design with graceful lines and thanks to the Signia Xperience platform it gives a true-to-life hearing experience so you can feel the difference as soon as you slip it on.

Whether it’s a cheerful chat or serious discussion, you need to understand speech all the time in order to live life to the full. Styletto X takes motion into account so that you can easily follow conversations, even when you’re on the move.

Never miss a beat with Signia Xperience technology

Styletto X meets all your hearing needs with its revolutionary Signia Xperience chip for better speech comprehension even in noisy environments.¹

Our unique acoustic-motion sensors allow Styletto X to optimize your hearing to every environment, as 82% of wearers say Xperience hearing aids provide the better speech understanding across all listening situations.¹ This way, you benefit from superior hearing wherever life takes you.

¹ Data on file

Styletto X at a glance:

  • A uniquely stylish and award-winning design
  • Signia Xperience technology with the world’s first acoustic-motion sensors for clear speech comprehension even in noisy environments
  • Innovative Qi wireless charging for up to 3 days ultra-convenient use, without the need to charge the case
  • Signia app with innovative Signia Assistant and TeleCare for intuitive support around the clock
  • Full connectivity with all Bluetooth devices for phone calls, TV, music and more
  • Tinnitus relief options

“More than 90 percent of wearers report a natural sound experience while moving.”

Discreet and pocket size case for your hearwear charging wirelessly

On the go charging

You never have to worry about running out of battery ever again

Styletto X gives you innovative charging convenience for the ultimate in wearability. The hearing aids are fully charged in just 4 hours. Plus, a 30-minute fast charge provides an additional 5 hours of use for complete flexibility on the move.

A full charge provides a full day’s wearing including 5 hours of streaming, so you can enjoy your favourite TV shows, movies and music plus calls straight to your hearing aids whenever and wherever you want.

Innovative and elegant charging case

The pocket-sized portable charging case is the world’s first hearing aid charger with Qi wireless technology, enabling you to simply place the charger on a charging pad instead of having to plug it into the mains.

Wherever you’re going, Styletto X goes with you and simply keeps going – its charging case delivers an astounding 4 days of user autonomy without the need to charge the case.

The elegant charging case is quick and easy to open and charging status LEDs are visible even when it’s closed.

Signia App - Personal support at your fingertips

Styletto X offers full remote assistance via the Signia app and its functions:

  • Signia Assistant is your very own hearing companion to let you stay fully involved in life.
    Using artificial intelligence, Signia Assistant offers immediate support whenever and wherever you need it. It is available 24/7 to help you adjust the sound settings, answer your questions about how to handle your hearing aids, and troubleshoot any issues on the spot.
  • Signia TeleCare enables you to keep in touch with your Hearing Care professional so you get support when you need it – even when you cannot visit them in person. You can also send your Hearing Care Professional instant feedback on your daily satisfaction with your hearing aids.
  • Remote control. Discreetly control the volume and other settings for your Styletto X hearing Aids.

Stay safe with virtual appointments

At a time when reducing the spread of the coronavirus is on many people’s minds, remote assistance for hearing aids can help.

If you or a loved one are a hearing aid wearer who cannot easily leave the home, the Signia app with TeleCare offers you virtual appointments to get support from your hearing care professional when you need it.

Virtual appointments via Signia TeleCare

Did you know that Signia offers you the possibility of comprehensive remote support via Signia TeleCare? With TeleCare, you can schedule follow-up appointments and adjust your hearing aid settings remotely without needing to leave the comfort and security of your own home!

All you need is a desktop/laptop computer plus a headset and a webcam. To get started, read on or select the TeleCare option on your Signia app!

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