Get more out of your hearing aids with wireless accessories - sound directly into your hearing aids

Turning the conversation up and down

When chatting to a friend in a noisy place, you can use your RC-DEX remote control to turn off the background noise to focus on the conversation, adjusting the volume or other programs for your hearing aids.

In this way you choose which sounds you want to hear and the ones you want to shut out.

It is small enough to fit on a key chain or to keep in your pocket with nobody noticing.
Is your TV turned up a bit loud?

Does you spouse need to wear ear protection when you are watching TV?

There is no need for that any more with Widex TV-DEX.

You get wireless high quality sound directly into your hearing aids without echoes, in stereo and with no delay in sound.

You can choose to turn off any background noise in the room and enjoy the sound of your TV exclusively without being disturbed.
For discreet streaming from mobile phones

An ultra-compact device for streaming conversations from mobile phones to hearing aids. CALL-DEX simply inserts into jack plug of the phone and is then ready to use. Can stream up to 80 hours and is compatible with most mobile phones. Features:

  • Connects to all mobile phones with 3.5 mm jack output

  • Streams automatically 

  • No buttons 

  • Constant streaming up to 80 hours 

  • Standby up to 3 weeks 

  • Small and easy to handle
Easy sound streaming by plug and play

With UNI-DEX, you will be able to stream sound from:

  • Mobile phones being able to talk hands-free.

  • iPods, enjoying music directly in your aids.

  • iPads, getting the sound directly into your hearing aids.

  • Keyboard, listening to yourself playing getting the crystal clear sound directly into your aids.

  • Computer, listening to YouTube videos, Skyping with friends, all directly through your aids.
Have you given up talking on your mobile when you are out and about?

M-DEX turns your hearing aids into a wireless headset when talking on your mobile.

Sound is transferred from your mobile phone directly into your hearing aids.

In effect, you turn your hearing aids into a wireless headset via Bluetooth.

At your convenience you are able to turn any background noise off and concentrate on your phone conversation.
Use your hearing aids for talking hands-free on mobile phone

You can keep your mobile phone in your pocket while talking on the phone hands-free, getting the pure crystal clear sound directly into your hearing aids with T-DEX.

You place it around your neck and activate it when the phone rings.

The device is a wireless neck loop to be used with all hearing aids with a telecoil.

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Wireless gadgets will help you hear

Even in crowded noisy places, being on the phone, watching TV or riding along in your car. You can choose how you want to hear.