Understanding hearing loss

Hearing loss can affect anyone, young and old. The key is to understand your condition and seek professional help from a Hearing Specialist.

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Earwax could be the reason why you can't hear

Some people mistake wax build up for going deaf. We can sort it out and check whether you have a hearing loss or just need to have your wax removed.

It is a simple treatment and it could make a huge difference to your hearing.

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Protect your hearing

We live in a noisy world. We are exposed to all kinds of sounds at work and leisure, as well as the sounds of traffic, all contribute to the noise around us.

Continuous and repeated exposure to loud noise will harm your hearing. To take care of your hearing you should:

  1. Avoid excessive noise
  2. Be aware of the potential sources of noise
  3. "Listen" to your ears
  4. Wear hearing protection

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Hearing loss is gradual and can sneak up on you. Taking a regular hearing health check can help you get the most out of life.
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