Is someone you care about suffering from hearing loss?

It is not an easy topic to start talking about hearing loss but we can help you start the conversation.

Living (together) with a hearing loss

Living with an unaided hearing loss is basically no fun at all: It’s upsetting for You with a hearing loss, but it’s also frustrating for You as a relative, whether you are a spouse, daughter, grandchild, friend or colleague – it affects all of you.

Unfortunately, this means talking about hearing loss is no fun either.

For you as a relative living or being close to someone with a hearing loss you have most probably experienced:

  • You often behave as a translator or a buffer.
  • Your loved one’s social life decline because going out can be exhausting for both of you.
  • You may sometimes feel as if you are slowly losing your partner, parent or friend to isolation.

At bloom™ hearing specialists we wish to make it easier for you both to find a solution before the problem grows bigger than just a simple hearing loss.

Do you want help to start the conversation about hearing loss with your family and friends?
Get tips and tricks on how to start the conversation below.

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What do I get in the free guide?
  1. Tools, tests and tips to help talk about better hearing

  2. Simple tests you can do at home to test your loved one's hearing 

  3. 5 less known facts about hearing loss

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father with hearing loss and daughter by pool

Is your dad finding it hard to hear?

It can be a difficult topic to bring up but having a conversation about hearing loss. 

If your parent is suffering from hearing loss, it is easy to get annoyed at him, or perhaps even make fun of it. 
man and woman on bicycle with hearing aids

Are you tired of repeating yourself to your husband?

Talking about a hearing problem with your husband who hasn’t yet come to terms with hearing loss, is a sensitive topic. 

By asking open-ended questions, you show an interest and invite to reflection.