Honey, are you listening to me?

Has your husband shown symptoms that tell you he finds it harder and harder to hear? Get tips and advise about how to talk about hearing loss with a loved one.


How to approach a difficult conversation with your husband

Is your husband finding it hard to hear? It can be a difficult topic to bring up but having a conversation about hearing loss with a loved one is an act of kindness. Most hearing-impaired people tend to ignore the problem, and this can lead to severe consequences in terms of physical health problems as well as social isolation.

Do you want help to start the conversation about hearing loss with your family and friends?
Get tips and tricks on how to start the conversation below.

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Starting the conversation

You’ve noticed recently that your husband’s hearing is declining. When the whole family gets together, he disappears into his own world and can’t really keep up with the subtle nuances of the conversation.

Sometimes you get the impression that he is trying to guess what you just said or studying your body language to work out what kind of reaction you expect from him. Not to mention talking over the phone, which is virtually impossible without shouting. 

A sensitive topic
Mette Weber is a family counsellor and conflict supervisor specialising in communication, which helps families improve their ability to talk about sensitive topics such as birth, sickness and even death. 

A hearing loss can be a sensitive topic when the person closest to you refuses to acknowledge to having a problem.  Especially when the affected person is your husband with whom you are so close, and he is the person you have always shared everything with. 

Talking about hearing loss is often quite taboo and we don’t want to be reminded of the fact that we are getting older. For many people, a hearing aid represents old age and getting used to the idea might take time. Even though modern hearing aids are very discreet, it is a big deal emotionally.”