Looking after your ears and hearing

Whether or not you wear hearing aids, bloom hearing specialists are here for all the help you need for healthy ears and healthy hearing.

What makes bloom™ hearing specialists different?

In addition to micro-suction and management of excess earwax, we provide full hearing aid audiological services including initial hearing tests, hearing aid supply and fitting, batteries and accessories, and all make hearing aid warranties. We also have trained specialists for addressing and advising on tinnitus. Initial consultations are free.

Hearing Healthcare Services from bloom hearing

As well as the following, we can also check your existing hearing aids to ensure they are delivering maximum performance - free of charge, even if you did not buy them from us.

Services include, but may not be confined to:

Sudden loss of hearing

If your hearing dissapears suddenly it should be addressed immediately by your GP or a hearing specialist in the private sector.

bloom™ hearing can also advise on activity-related threats to your hearing.

These include: defending your ears in sports-related activities such as clay-pigeon shooting guarding against hearing damage - in the work-place, and around the home

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Hearing loss is gradual and can sneak up on you. Taking a regular hearing health check can help you get the most out of life.
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Looking after your hearing

Your hearing is a precious gift and, whilst it is hard to reverse the effects of age, there are ways to extend the quality of natural hearing with some simple steps.  bloom™ hearing specialists are qualified hearing aid audiologists but their expertise does not stop at providing hearing aid solutions. 

You are welcome to FREE call us 1800 554 968 for initial advice, or to make an appointment (immediately, online if you wish) to discuss and aspect affecting your hearing impairment. 

In both cases, consultations are free of charge.  These can be arranged for a visit to your local store.