New to hearing loss?

It can be daunting when your hearing isn't as sharp as it used to be.

At bloomTM, we can examine, diagnose and treat any hearing issue you may encounter.


Why should you take the step towards better hearing? Read how hearing aids have helped others.

Discreet and small

"You'll hardly notice it, that's how small they are. Find out how you can get your hearing back in shape."

Don't leave a hearing loss untreated

"It affects those around you - but even more, it affects you. The sooner you tackle it the easier it is to get your hearing back."
It is easy to put off getting your hearing checked. 

You manage to get along well enough, but you can quickly become isolated from people as you find it harder to hear them and they find it harder to interact with you. 

If you sense a problem, then get on top of it. 
Wearing one hearing aid would be like wearing eye glasses with only one lens.

Here are the advantages of two hearing aids:

More natural: Hearing becomes much more natural with sounds coming from all around you.

Safer: Being able to identify where sound is coming from is possible with two hearing aids, which makes things like crossing the street safer. 

Speech: It's twice as easy to understand the words when others are speaking. 

Lazy ear:
The unaided ear tends to lose its ability to hear and understand over time. Both ears need to be active.

Wider hearing range: A voice that's barely heard at three meters with one ear can be heard up to 12 meters with two ears. 
An important factor to consider when deciding if you should get your hearing checked is your family and friends.

They may be finding it difficult to communicate with you, and it might be hard for them to bring up the issue of your hearing with you directly.

The best action you can do for them - and more importantly yourself - is to take the initiative and visit us at bloom™.