Remote Hearing Care Now Available Through Widex and bloom hearing specialists

  • Hearing aid customers receiving full service telehealth at home thanks to WIDEX REMOTE CARE and bloom hearing specialists
  • Most innovative and flexible remote hearing care solution available now in Australia
  • Australians have quickly adapted to WIDEX REMOTE CARE receiving full end to end fitting and fine tuning of hearing devices in the comfort of their own home during COVID-19.
  • bloom hearing specialists have quickly adopted this new way of servicing their customers, not just now during the pandemic but also in the future

Hearing aid fitting, fine-tuning and maintenance is now available from the comfort and safety of your own home, with the WIDEX REMOTE CARE system available through bloom hearing specialists around Australia.

The WIDEX REMOTE CARE system is one of the most innovative and flexible remote hearing care solutions available on the market, with its point of difference ensuring customers are able to receive a full end-to-end fitting and fine tuning of hearing devices, without walking out the front door.

“WIDEX REMOTE CARE was launched in October 2019, to help clinics diversify their services. Now during this pandemic, and in the times of COVID-19, the audiologist industry in Australia are using this technology to stay in touch with their clients,” Geraldine Todd, Widex Audiologist, said.

“We are proud, that it is the most flexible remote, audiology solution available in Australia today.”

REMOTE CARE has gained momentum and popularity over the last few months with many members of the community opting to try the new technology rather than venturing out for a face to face appointment.

Shirley from Yarrawonga in Victoria has become a huge fan of the service and an expert on all things video chat as she converses with her bloom hearing clinician, on her phone or iPad to adjust her hearing devices as required.

“I didn’t find it difficult at all as I had my audiologist on the line who was able to talk me through the process. I just needed to download an app and everything was straightforward and easy,” Shirley said.

After an initial phone consultation with a bloom hearing specialist clinician to explain and prepare for a REMOTE CARE appointment, a WIDEX REMOTE LINK device is securely sent to the customer’s home, which connects with the hearing aids to facilitate the remote care session.

Worn around your neck like a necklace, the Remote Link device connects to the WIDEX REMOTE CARE smart phone app over Bluetooth, allowing for the testing and tuning of hearing aids to be completed via video link up with a clinician.

The REMOTE CARE system can adjust existing devices, eliminating whistling, as well as the full range or tuning tools normally available in-clinic, while also allowing for the fitting of a new device, all to the professional clinical standards held by the industry.

The system is technically simple to set up, with consultations closely resembling a Skype or Facetime call.

bloom hearing specialists is a customer centric hearing health care provider, with more than 200 clinics nationwide, and has emerged as a leader in the online space for support of its clientele via its bloom CONNECT offering.

Featuring both WIDEX REMOTE CARE and phone consultation facilities, bloom CONNECT offers a suite of services from online battery purchases, to device tuning, and phone consultations.

“Given the current requirement for telehealth, we have been able to move, change and adapt to the current environment for our clients, without the need for them to physically enter our clinics,” said Jacy Fellows, National Manager of Audiology, bloom hearing specialists.

“bloom CONNECT is a brand new range of services which enables us to provide support for our customers in the comfort of their very own home, all with a trusted clinician they may already be familiar with.

“While it is very safe to visit our clinics, bloom CONNECT offers an additional option for customers who aren’t able to leave their home, or run a busy schedule.

“This also increases our ability to offer more appointments to people in rural and remote areas, and reduces the amount of travel required by our customers.

“Although this was launched during the Coronavirus pandemic, it is a service to our customers that will continue now and into the future.”

Widex is a worldwide leader in hearing aid technology since 1956, employing over 4,000 people worldwide, with its Australian office based in Melbourne.

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