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Professional hearing health care for your valued clients

We’re committed to providing high quality, easily accessible hearing health care

At bloom™ hearing specialists, we believe that hearing health care should be accessible by all, without any boundaries. Helping your clients to take the first step towards improving their hearing is essential to their quality of life, supporting their everyday lifestyle.

Whether they’re new to hearing loss or in the process of treatment, we understand that the best way to better hearing starts with you!

How to partner with bloom™ hearing specialists

Our mission is to partner with other allied health providers and related businesses by offering our hearing health services at your premises – FREE of charge. This ensures that your customers have easy and convenient access to the hearing health care they need, regardless of where they’re at in their journey.

Once arranged, our onsite hearing health services can include:

  • Free hearing health checks using an iPad screener
  • Hearing aid fittings, maintenance & adjustments
  • Ear check-up & clean
  • Clean and check of hearing aids
  • Hearing assessments & consultations
  • Remote hearing health care options (if customers are not physically able to meet with our team)
  • Batteries and other hearing-related accessories

Medical Professionals

Our team can come into your clinic and set up a visiting hearing clinic to help see your patients or residents on days which suit you best. We have over 200 clinics right across Australia with Audiologists and clinicians who are able to visit GP Surgeries on a regular basis to provide patients with hearing-related health care.

Do you have a patient who may be eligible for funding via the Office of Hearing Services? Simply download this form and email it to your local bloom™ hearing specialist clinic.

Retirement Villages and Independent Living Facilities

We offer dedicated visiting days where our teams can come and discuss hearing health with your members, patients or residents over a catered morning tea.

We provide a range of services to eligible clients, including:

  • DVA and pensioner assessments, with free hearing aids for eligible customers
  • Self-funded retirees
  • Those who need specialised Tinnitus consultation and management 

    Other Supported Programs

    We are also able to assist those who are part of the following programs:

    • The Department of Health Hearing Services Program (HSP)
    • Department of Veteran Affairs Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)
    • Department of Veterans Affairs Tinnitus
    • Eligible Private Health Insurance Policies
    • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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