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Every day we see people taking the first step towards better hearing. It is amazing to be apart of this journey. Maybe it is your turn now.

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"You can't see my hearing aids"

Marilyn wanted to choose whether or not to tell people about her hearing loss.

Getting hearing aids opened up a whole new world to her reconnecting and getting back in touch.

Marilyn could freely interact with your family and friends again and for the first time in a long time talk to her son and daugther on the phone.

“The only regret I have, is that I didn't get them sooner”

Marilyn Cerrato
Wearing my new hearing aids for the first time, I just kept on grinning. I was back in the world again.
Ian McLean, Burnie
I discovered many sounds I had forgotten existed. I can now enjoy meeting with friends.
For years I avoided conversations in groups and answering the phone. Thanks to Bloom Hearing that is all behind me.
Archibald, Coolum Beach

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We found our dealings with Bloom to be professional, friendly and personable without the hard sell to buy which we found with other specialists.
Trevor Kirk, Toombul