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Mike and Sally's personal story

"We are able to enjoy each other’s company and live a relatively normal life..." - Mike & Sally

Published 08/02/2018
Last Updated 22/10/2020

Hearing aids can change more lives than just your own - hear from Mike, who's accompanying his wife Sally on her hearing aid journey.
Hearing loss has a profound impact on those around us, from the types of conversations we have, to the places we frequent.

Accompanying his wife Sally on her hearing aid journey, Mike shares the impact her aids have had on him.

“While sometimes her hearing loss has been challenging for both her and myself, it’s been such a blessing to see Sally thrive in a world where you could easily become insular and withdrawn.

We are able to enjoy each other’s company and live a relatively normal life”, explains Mike.

“I suppose I just take for granted that Sally can hear. We sometimes joke that what I say and what she hears aren’t the same, but I guess if she didn’t have hearing aids, work life would be a whole lot more difficult.”

If someone in your life is dealing with a hearing loss diagnosis or adjusting to wearing hearing aids, it’s so important to help them feel supported during the transition – something Mike understands first-hand.

“I’ve always supported Sally with her hearing loss so when it came to upgrading or repairing existing aids it was done. Sally has an incredible ability to still communicate with people even with her hearing disability. She is an amazing person.”

Chatting to Sally about the impact she felt her hearing aids had on the people around her, she said,

“My family noticed I was hearing more than before, so it meant they didn’t have to repeat themselves as much as usual.”

From hearing sounds she had never heard before, to realising how much she had missed, hearing aids have changed Sally’s life. However Sally believes successfully adjusting to such a big change really does requires the support of those around you.

“The main help or support I needed was encouragement that I was hearing better!

You think you don’t need hearing aids and that you are better off without them, as it is so overwhelming. When you go for your appointment, it gives you the confidence to keep trying.”