Do you know someone with a hearing loss?

Help someone you care about come to terms with their hearing loss.

Living (together) with a hearing loss

Living with an unaided hearing loss is basically
no fun at all: It’s upsetting for You with a hearing
loss, but it’s also frustrating for You as a relative,
whether you are a spouse, daughter, grandchild,
friend or colleague – it affects all of you.

Unfortunately, this means talking about hearing
loss is no fun either.

For you as a relative living or being close to
someone with a hearing loss you have most
probably experienced:

• You often behave as a translator or a buffer.
• Your loved one’s social life decline because going
out can be exhausting for both of you.
• You may sometimes feel as if you are slowly losing
your partner, parent or friend to isolation.

At bloom™ hearing specialists we wish to make it
easier for you both to find a solution before the
problem grows bigger than just a simple
hearing loss.

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Some practical tips to improve the everyday conversation… but don’t let them be an excuse for not having a hearing test.

Help each other
A hearing loss can create
miscommunication which can
affect both parties in a social
relation as your partner can feel
misunderstood. Remember to seek
each other’s attention by starting
your sentence with your partner’s
name. Help each other hear better.
Face each other when talking
This will make it easier to hear
your partner and read their body
language. Try to avoid talking to each
other from different rooms. This will
make communicating easier.
Pay attention to your listening
Tactfully ask your partner if they
understood you or ask leading
questions if you are in doubt, to be
sure they got your message.